There is no question about it, retailer electricity prices are rising. Solar will change this from the first day your system is live, NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME TO INSTALL SOLAR

Switching to solar power means you’ll use much less power from your retail provider which means your quarterly bill will be significantly lower. Depending on the size of your system and your personal circumstances, it may even be close to zero.

So, investing in a solar system is good for your back pocket, good for the planet and, ultimately …. it’s good for your health because it cures bill shock!

Whatever the amount, an investment in a solar system normally pays for itself in just under three years on average. And the price of electricity from the grid will only ever go up whereas sunlight will always be free!

Converting to solar energy not only saves you money, but also has a positive effect on your property value. A comprehensive study undertaken by the US Bureau of Economic Research in 2012 revealed that installing a solar system adds over 3% in value to a property so you’ll save on power bills and also recoup some money on the investment if you ever sell your home.

Added to this, home owners deciding to purchase solar power systems are often eligible for government incentives. These incentives partially offset your out-of-pocket costs for purchasing one of our top-quality systems. There are also some energy retailers that offer a monthly rebate depending on the amount of energy your solar panels generate each month.

No matter which way you cut it, you’re going to save money with solar.

At Impressed Solar Solutions, we work closely with you to determine the best solar solution for your lifestyle and the aspect of your property and then give you a free, no obligation detailed quote before you choose to proceed. We handle all the paperwork and provide you with comprehensive customer care after the installation to ensure re you are completely comfortable with your new solar energy system.

Given your hot water system is one of the biggest users of electricity you can also just opt to run with a solar hot water heater. This will give you unlimited free hot water warmed with the power of the sun and will have considerable impact on your electricity bill.

At Impressed Solar we lead by example and we strive for complete customer satisfaction. It’s why we back all our work with a multi-level guarantee and we only use the best products in the business with proven reliability and excellent warranty including LG solar panels and Fronius Inverters.

And with recent development in battery storage you can store energy for when you need it most further reducing your dependence on the grid and shaving even more money off your electricity bill!

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Five simple Steps to getting your home set-up for Solar!

Impressed Solar has a proven formula for getting you into solar with a minimal fuss and maximum impact.

STEP 1 Analyse

Bring your last two energy bills into our offices in Church Street, Wodonga  We have a sophisticated analysis system that produces a report that clearly predicts the payback period and savings that a solar system will generate.

STEP 2 Design

Work with Impressed Solar to design a system you are completely happy with that suits your budget, your family’s daily pattern and your desired outcomes. Together we’ll determine what’s the right size for your home and what’s the best configuration to suit your budget.

STEP 3 Book

Book an installation date and place a 10% deposit with us – the balance isn’t due until your system is installed

STEP 4 Install

We install your system which typically it takes a single day depending on the size. We also commission the installation of your new meter.

STEP 5 Go Live

We bring your system online including your monitoring systems. Most installations are completed in 1 day.

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