Impressed Solar Solutions offer all electrical and solar services which can be tailored to your requirements. Check out our solar pumps, solar systems and electrical services

We specialise in supplying all electrical and renewable energy requirements for agriculture and rural customers. We will work at any location and offer quality products that will last in the farm environment. We have the experience to deliver great service and products to our rural community.

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  • Bore pumps

  • Windmill replacement pumps
  • Heritage Water Tanks
  • Water Monitering FarmBot
  • New Power Connections
  • Shed Solar
  • Polypipe Installation

  • Irrigation Pumping Solar and Electrical and Generator options

  • Transformer upgrades

  • Upgrade underground powerlines/cables

  • Plus domestic and shed wiring

Goverment Rebates

NSW goverment offering 25% rebate on water inferstructure upgrades

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