Solar panels are the most important component of a solar energy system. There are hundreds on the market.
Choosing a quality panel is the most important step in any solar design.

We value quality and longevity of our projects so we opt to use premium products with warranty and good reputation. LG is our preferred manufacture for this reason. Offering up to a 25 year warranty on panels.

Financial analysis and investment firms including Bloomberg classify the quality and reliability of solar panel products primarily for investors in large-scale solar projects. They are typically classified as Tier 1, 2 or 3 panels.

Tier rankings are as much about the credibility of the panel manufacturer as the actual panels because the warranty, accessibility, after sale service, technical advice and so on are very important.

Over the past 20 years, Tier 1 panels have proven to be more reliable and longer lasting and, while these rankings are not a guarantee of quality they are generally a very good indicator of it, which is why Impressed Solar Solutions preferably offer Tier 1 panels.

LG Solar Panels are manufactured in a custom designed and fully automated production line in South Korea ensuring extremely low tolerances. Quality control of the production process is monitored and improved to Six Sigma standards including over 500 monitoring points. All of that means great quality and consistency from the panels which give our customers great comfort knowing their panels will stand the test of time.

If there is ever an issue, LG solar panels have a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on modules (parts and labour). This warranty is even transferable so if you sell your property, the warranty transfers to the new owner. With their dealer network across Australia, your warranty claim is dealt with by LG Electronics in Sydney so you’re not dealing with an overseas company.

Their new NeON solar panels consistently perform well in comparison tests against other brands. They’re efficient, perform well in low light and look great.